Bill Jones

Tech Strategist and Behavioral Analytics Expert

After designing and implementing countless data-driven marketing strategies while working for big data firms, Bill co-founded Datapult in order to bring his knowledge and expertise to companies of all sizes. Bill uses his financial services background to help his clients improve customer engagement strategies, increase response and conversion rates, and achieve better marketing ROI.

Thought Leadership Topic: “The Platinum Rule – Speak To Others As They Want To Be Spoken To”

Topic Description: Today’s consumer demands personalization. They do not want to be treated like “a number”. Need proof? Personalized calls-to-action increase conversion rates 42%. Further, personalized marketing grows revenues by 7%. But how do you deliver that to a consumer when you don’t know a lot about them? This session will cover overall trends in consumer behavior, dive into the methods through which you can personalize your marketing, and leave you with best practices to begin engaging your clients in deeper and more meaningful ways.