Kelly Decker

Settlement Director and ARM Executive

Kelly Decker is the Debt Settlement Manager with Credit Control LLC in Tampa, FL.  As an accomplished, results driven professional with over 18 years of combined leadership and customer service experience, she brings a fresh approach to the ARM industry.  For the past three years, Kelly has skillfully managed the delicate relationship between agency, creditor, attorney, and debt settlement company for Credit Control.  Optimizing positive creditor-debt settlement company dynamics through communication and technology has been paramount to her success.  By strengthening existing relationships, forging new alliances and enhancing Credit Control’s unique DSC process, Kelly has substantially increased the volume of successfully negotiated settlements month after month. Kelly understands how important it is for creditors, collection agencies and debt management companies to work together to find the best solution not only for us as an industry, but also for the consumer. She will be engaging the audience from our creditor panel and will discuss creating fresh synergies, best practices and cooperative strategies.