Dr. Larry Taylor

PhD Media Psychologist

    Dr. Larry Taylor brings over 20 years of experience in software engineering, digital marketing, and related research. Most recently he has developed methodologies to better understand why consumers make certain choices in online settings and how digital communication influences behavior.


    He has consulted many major financial services firm and healthcare organizations such as McKesson Corporation and Becton Dickinson. Some of his notable research projects have included The Mayo Clinic, The Cleveland Clinic, and Mt. Sinai Hospital. His work in financial services has focused on improving consumer knowledge through the development of e-learning systems.

    Dr. Taylor has a PhD in Psychology emphasizing media. His presentation will teach you how to create a clear digital strategy to build strong, high quality relationships. The presentation provides a deep orientation on how to transform your business life-cycle to a higher level of performance while making it a more cost-effective operation in terms of marketing and sales. It will define and discuss a digital framework for sales and marketing that enables trusted, long-term relationships.